Discussions about space issues at the library started as far back as the 1950’s. Various plans to expand and rearrange the collection in the early 1980’s led to the Sphinx annexation in 1987, which has been the only major space improvement for the library to date.

Accessibility plans were considered in the early 1990’s, and expansion plans were reviewed later that decade. The early and mid 2000’s brought community needs and space planning assessments, and by early 2006, the board was seriously considering relocation options.

The timeline below illustrates the board’s work over the last several years to create and implement a community-supported, flexible facility plan designed to serve the next generation.

2014 – 2017

Performed library building, space and needs assessments; held community input sessions; produced several versions of renovation/expansion plans for the current building; explored scenarios for relocation


Site committee began evaluation of current building and other possible locations

APRIL 2018

New design options for renovation/expansion of current building completed


Board voted to retain current building regardless of decision to stay or move


Board voted to build a new library at a new location that had yet to be selected


Board voted to pursue site at 75 Fennell Street for a new library


Purchase and sale agreement signed with the Town of Skaneateles to buy 75 Fennell Street


The library became the official owner of 75 Fennell Street on Halloween!


A new library is expected to be completed in the next several years based on the speed of fundraising, which is currently in the silent phase. We anticipate initial conceptual designs will be available in the spring.

Estimated 3 to 5 years from site purchase to new building completion.

Have questions? Contact the Skaneateles Library Board of Trustees at feedback@skanlibrary.org.

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