Plans for Future Use




Since our December 2019 decision, we’ve been busy planning how to best repurpose our current building after the library moves to a new home. The board created a committee to focus on this portion of the project; they developed criteria to guide their work and are researching the implications of all possible uses. We are truly excited about these serious possibilities which are better suited for this beautiful building and will maintain or increase foot traffic to the downtown area.

LIBRARY USED BOOK SALES: We’re currently vetting plans for the library to use a large portion of the main room for a year-round, volunteer-run used book store. This idea has been quite successful for other libraries, and we think this location would lend itself well to such use. It would also preserve the character of the space and allow the building to remain open to the community. Profits from the store would benefit the library. We may also partner with other local non-profits, such as The Creamery, to sell their items.

BARROW GALLERY: The gallery will continue to use its current space and expand into some of the downstairs for storage, work space and display space in a way that reuses period bookshelves and allows line of sight to key artwork. It, too, is in dire need of additional space to better fulfill its mission and become more economically viable.

CHAMBER OFFICES: The Chamber of Commerce has expressed interest in using the Sphinx for a welcome center and additional space upstairs for offices. A visible space on Genesee Street would allow the Chamber to operate as a community and visitor’s resource for everything happening in the Skaneateles Business Community.

Library Hall would remain a shared space for the library and tenants, and could also be rented for events.

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