Site Evaluation Process

All potential sites were evaluated by the following criteria, which were developed based on community input, the Library Space Needs Assessment completed in May 2017 and libraries in comparable communities.

Neighborhood Context

  • Synergies with other cultural, civic, retail, and residential neighbors:
    • Zoning and type of use; library use consistent with other surrounding uses (civic, educational, etc.)
    • Mutually-beneficial occupancies (functions of neighboring organizations are complementary to library functions and vice versa)
    • Shared destination (sustainable strategy wherein people can park in one place and access multiple locations)
  • Central location within the service area (both by population and geography)
  • Traffic and safety considerations

Site Considerations

  • Initial building size (supports a building of at least 16,000 square feet with accompanying parking, stormwater retention, etc.)
  • Desirable shape (shape of the site is uniform/doesn’t force odd or expensive building and related systems location/design)
  • Room for possible future expansion
  • Ease of construction (size and location of the site allow for reasonably affordable and easy construction, including parking and access for construction vehicles)
  • Likelihood of existing hazardous materials contamination in need of remediation


  • Easy drop off/delivery (for patrons, daily book deliveries, and vendors)
  • Pedestrian access
  • Car access/on-site parking
  • On-site drive-thru book return (either into building or dropbox)
  • Off-site parking for overflow available close by


  • Usable outdoor space (comfortable space for individual and program use, including noise level)
  • Views and natural areas

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