Board of Trustees

About the Board

The board of trustees is composed of community members who volunteer their time and skills to ensure the future of the library. The main functions of the board are to set library policies and maintain the financial health of the organization.

Each trustee offers their talents and experience by serving on committees that carry out our strategic goals and initiatives.
These committees and their members are listed here.

Susanne Guske


Current Building Chair

Dave Hempson

Vice President

New Building Co-Chair

Maura Molnar


Finance Chair

Meghann Sandak



Katie Lee Armijo


Manuel Arroyo

Current Building | New Building

Karen Morrissey Bedard

Communications Co-Chair

Kathryn Carlson

Communications | Fundraising

Ralph DeMasi

Current Building | New Building

Andrew Hagen

Fundraising Chair

Kristin LaBeau

New Building

Bob Lotkowictz

Current Building | New Building

Steven McClintic


Erin McCormack

Communications Co-Chair | Fundraising

Larry Palmieri

Finance | Fundraising

Amy Rolleri

Barrow Gallery Liaison

Stephen Thomas


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