Books by the Stack

Great books lead to great discussions! To help our local book clubs choose their next great read, we’ve created a collection called Books by the Stack. Modeled after a well-established collection at the Grand Rapids Public Library (MI), we’ve essentially created free-form book club kits that readers can tailor to their own book clubs’ needs.

Books can be checked out individually, so you can take as many as you need or individual book club members can come in and grab a copy on their own. And if you want to take the whole stack to hand out to your group, we have several handy tote bags to check out as well. If you need more than ten books, we can request copies from other libraries in Onondaga County and have them delivered to Skaneateles. Just let us know!

Books by the Stack titles are chosen to inspire interesting conversation. They are well-written, engaging and can grab the interest of a broad audience. We also aim to offer diversity within the collection, selecting memoirs, non-fiction, fiction and short stories. The best books to spark a discussion get readers excited to share why they loved it or hated it. They always stir up some emotion, whether positive or negative. We hope our Books by the Stack inspire you to read, meet and discuss!