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Do you like to cook and talk about food? Do you love to read cookbooks, but often don’t have the time to make all those delicious recipes?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then Cookbook Club might be for you! Cookbook Club meets once a month to share a potluck style meal. All you have to do is bring a prepared dish to share and the cookbook that inspired the recipe.

Everyone will have a chance to sample dishes from an assortment of cookbooks while only having to prepare one dish. Make sure you come hungry!

There is not an assigned cookbook, but each month has a theme. Just make a dish based on the monthly theme, bring your cookbook and dish and be ready to have a fun and eclectic meal!

Upcoming Events


All library events are held in Library Hall unless otherwise noted. Library Hall is located on the second floor and is only accessible by stair; there is no elevator access.

Past Themes

March 2017 – Italian

April 2017 – Famous Chefs

May 2017 – Southern Comfort

June 2017 – Picnic

July 2017 – Nuts & Berries

August 2017 – Local Harvest

September 2017 – French

October 2017 – Squash

November 2017 – 5 Ingredients or Less

December 2017 – Cookie Swap

January 2018 – Soup

February 2018 – Cheese

March 2018 – Potatoes

April 2018 – Vegetarian

May 2018 – British Food & Tea

September 2018 – Fresh Finds from the Farmers Field

October 2018 – Italian

November 2018 – Savory & Sweet Tarts

December 2018 – Traditional Family Recipes

January 2019 – Cajun

February 2019 – Soup

March 2019 – Celebrity Chefs

April 2019 – Asian

May 2019 – Mexican

June 2019 – Picnic

July 2019 – Seafood

August 2019 – Farmers Market Finds

September 2019 – Tailgate Goodies

October 2019 – Oktoberfest

November 2019 – Brunch

December 2019 – Holiday Party

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