Road to Decode:

Literacy Hub for New and Struggling Readers

What are Decodables?

Decodable books are a tool for practicing reading. In these books, word choice is controlled by phonics principles and story lines are less predictable. To decode a word means to “sound it out.” Using these books, your child can focus on one letter-sound rule at a time, practice that rule, and progress to more advanced rules of decoding. For example, a text will focus on mastering short vowel sounds before advancing to long vowel sounds.

Our Road to Decode collection is based in the science of reading, with kits, books, games, and resources to help kids learn to read and/or improve their reading skills with the guidance of an adult.

Library Resources:

Road to Decode Kits: Targeted kits aimed at Beginner Readers, Grades 1-2 and Grades 3-8. (found in Children’s Room)

Wonderbooks: Traditional books with built-in audio so that kids can read along as they listen. (found in Children’s Room)

Hi-Lo Books: Look for an orange stripe on the top of the spine to indicate books that have age-appropriate stories
written at a 2nd grade reading level. (found in Middle Reader and Teen areas)

Graphic Novels: A format perfect for kids who may need pictures to keep their interest and help them understand the text. (found in Children’s Room, Middle Reader and Teen areas)

¬†Books for Adults: Non-fiction books aimed at providing resources to help navigate your child’s reading journey. (found in Children’s Room)

Funded with support from the Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County and New York State Coordinated Outreach Service Funds.