What will happen to the Barrow?

The library board of trustees also serves as the board for the Barrow Art Gallery, although the library and Barrow are separate non-profit organizations with separate finances. As such, we are fully committed to both entities as we move through the decision-making process. Of course, the needs of an art gallery are different from those of a library.

The Barrow Art Gallery, like the library, has been operating under significant space and accessibility constraints that limit display, work and storage space. This makes preserving and showcasing the collection, attracting visitors and growing revenue challenging (the gallery receives no public funding and is primarily sustained through fundraising).

The board truly believes that the gallery is a “hidden gem” and is committed to working with the Barrow to ensure it flourishes well into the future by providing for needs like environmentally appropriate storage and an accessible street entrance directly into the gallery. Whether the library resides at its current location or relocates, the Barrow’s needs will be considered.