Book Clubs

Read for fun with us!

Books help us understand the world around us. They teach us empathy and acceptance. They teach us facts and skills. They teach us that a pig can be terrific, radiant and humble and that a princess is perfectly capable of being the hero. At the library our goal is to help kids find these books, but — more importantly — to spark a love of learning at an early age. By pairing stories and songs with warm memories, any child can become a lifelong learner.

Family Read Aloud Book Club is a great opportunity to read together as a family and have a common interest to discuss. This club is designed for children in 1st or 2nd grade and their parents or caregivers. Our Family Read Aloud Book Club encourages family read-aloud time at home and then brings everyone together to talk about the book and do an activity inspired by the story.

Graphic Novel Book Club is for kids in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. Each month we’ll read a book or graphic novel and then get together to chat about the book and do an activity.

Book clubs meet intermittently throughout the year. Check below for upcoming meetings.

Register for these and other programs through our online event calendar.

Upcoming Meetings