Poem in Your Pocket

The library – in collaboration with Waterman Primary School – sponsors Poem in Your Pocket Week each spring.

Each child in grades K-2 will be given a short poem at school to practice at home. During Poem in Your Pocket Week, students are invited to read their poems to staff members at participating businesses in Skaneateles any time during their open hours. The children will then receive a small prize or treat from the business to thank them for sharing.

We encourage Waterman kids and families to visit as many of the participating businesses as they like during Poem in Your Pocket Week. Visit one or visit them all, whatever fits into your schedule. And we hope you’ll stop by the library as well – we can’t wait to hear our students read their poems!

2024 Participating Businesses

  • 1st National Gifts (2 E. Genesee Street)
  • Aristocats and Dogs (62 E. Genesee Street)
  • Chamber of Commerce (22 Jordan Street)
  • Emma + James (25 Jordan Street)
  • Hap + Main (4 E. Genesee Street)
  • Finger Lakes Fabric (1400 E. Genesee Street)
  • Hap + Main (4 E. Genesee Street)
  • The Local Branch (4 Jordan Street)
  • Nest 58 (58 E. Genesee Street)
  • Pride & Joy (88 E. Genesee Street)
  • Rhubarb Kitchen & Garden Shop (59 E. Genesee Street)
  • Savage Homestead (3  Fennell Street)
  • Skaneateles Library (49 E. Genesee Street)
  • Village of Skaneateles Administrator/Clerk  (26 Fennell Street)

Based on Poem in Your Pocket Day started by the City of New York in 2002 and taken national by the Academy of American Poets in 2009, Poem in Your Pocket Week will give students a fun way to practice reading aloud. Kids are naturals at both rhyming and performing, so we think they’re the perfect ambassadors for poetry!

Check our online calendar for up-to-date information.