What will the increase mean for me?

How much each household contributes to the library’s tax levy is based on assessed property value. The following table illustrates what a 4% increase would mean for a range of property values, as well as the new annual totals for these properties. The average and median property values in the school district are $348,932 and $225,000, respectively.

Town of Skaneateles*
Assessed Property Value
$200,000 $400,000 $800,000
Current library levy $37.06 $74.12 $148.24
Increase per household $1.48 $2.96 $5.92
Total per property with 4% increase $38.54 $77.08 $154.16


* Values vary slightly but are very similar for the municipalities of Owasco, Spafford, Skaneateles Falls and Sennett—portions of which are also in the Skaneateles School District.

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