What will the increase mean for me?

How much each household contributes to the library’s tax levy is based on assessed property value. The following table illustrates what the increase would mean for a range of property values, as well as the new annual totals for these properties. The average and median property values in the school district are $354,924 and $246,000, respectively.

Town of Skaneateles*
Assessed Property Value
$200,000 $400,000 $800,000
Current 2022-23 library levy $37.73 $75.46 $150.92
Increase per household $2.49 $4.98 $9.96
Total 2024-25 library levy with increase $40.22 $80.44 $160.88


* Values vary slightly but are very similar for the municipalities of Owasco, Spafford, Skaneateles Falls and Sennett—portions of which are also in the Skaneateles School District.