Library Association Appoints Trustees, Names Officers

The Skaneateles Library Association (SLA) has announced official 2018 appointments to the Board of Trustees. The following individuals were presented as nominees at the SLA Annual Meeting held on January 25, 2018 and were elected to the Board on February 6, 2018, before being officially appointed to the Board on March 13, 2018:

  • Karen Morrissey Bedard will serve a three-year term from 2018-2021.
  • Danette Davis will serve another three-year term from 2018-2021 and was appointed president for one year.
  • Susanne Guske will serve a three-year term from 2018-2021.
  • Andrew Hagen will serve another three-year term from 2018-2021 and was re-appointed treasurer for another year.
  • Dave Hempson will serve a one-year term from 2018-2019.
  • Amanda R. Latreille will serve a three-year term from 2018-2021.

Additionally, current trustee Laurie Spencer will serve as secretary for one year and current trustee Dave Graham was re-appointed vice-president for another year.

The Nominating Committee, which is made up of Board members and community members, reviewed and interviewed candidates to fill the four open positions as members’ terms expire this year. The Board would again like to thank the candidates who applied for these positions, the members who served on the Nominating Committee, and the members of the Skaneateles community for their continued support.

The Skaneateles Library Association’s Board of Trustees exists to ensure sound ethical and legal governance and financial management of the library. To learn more about the Board of Trustees and the programs and services available at Skaneateles Library visit


About Skaneateles Library

The Skaneateles Library Association’s origins date to the early 1800s, when library collections were housed in different businesses throughout the village. A permanent home for the library was built in 1890. As part of its mission to inspire learning, enrich lives and connect the community, the library provides access to a world of information in the form of books (print, audio and electronic), DVDs, music, magazines, newspapers, databases and the Internet (including Wi-Fi). The library also offers a wide variety of educational and entertaining programs for kids, teens and adults throughout the year. The Skaneateles Library is a member of the Onondaga County Public Library System. For more information visit